About us

The unique mission of Mutt Cuts Mobile Grooming is only to work with pet owners to groom their pets and teach them how to maintain certain breeds of grooming and care needs.

We specialize in personalized services to fit the needs of your specific breed of pet. Whatever it is you are looking to achieve with your grooming and care routine.  Our team is made only from IGA Certified Members( International Certified Dog Groomers Association)  and they will perform any service for you as well as work with you and teach you what you need to know in order to successfully achieve lasting results for your specific needs and breeds!

At Mutt Cutt  our Groomer, we love all animals, pets are even part of his household. By having animals as pets, and having a passion for animals, he takes on the responsibility to care for our furry family members just as we would our child. As a pet groomer, he vows to take on the same responsibility with each and every pet he grooms.

Did you know that pet grooming is a very important part of caring for pets? It helps us bond more closely to our pets, ensures possible health concerns do not go without notice and it provides bonding time with ourselves and our animals! Who doesn’t love a freshly cleaned pet cuddle!

At Mutt Cuts Groomers  pays the utmost attention to his/her guest’s pets just as he does his own.  Our team offer grooming services of the highest level in the industry delivered right to your door with a fully functioning pet grooming salon right inside our van. Our groomer has the skill to deliver stellar results in a time efficient manner. At Mutt Cuts we use all eco-friendly pet shampoos and hybrid vehicles to lessen the environmental impact.

The Bay Area, including Contra Costa County, has a very large population of pet owners. Thanks to that, we have the ability to create a full-service salon experience for your pet right at your own doorstep. This way, even the busiest pet owners find it easy to maintain their pets’ hygiene and appearance.

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