Our Groomers

Anbolyn Zamora


I love meeting new people & animals- all my life Ive had all kinds of animals- From fur to feathers to fins! Working in a pet shop & grooming exotics (birds & bunnies mostly) for 13 years recently adding dog stylist to the list of services I provide. My 13+ years involved in animal rescue of all kinds- has taught me compassion, patience & empathy enabling me to work with some very fearful & shy animals that other people wont work with. I especially love older pets❤️ I enjoy having something differnt to do every day & keeping things fresh. And the long-term relationships I’ve developed with my clients over the years are precious 🥰

Angel Lopez


Angel met us through one of our groomers and expressed his desire to be part of our grooming team. He loves all animals and is a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He has recently joined our team of talented and caring groomers and is so excited to meet your pets soon!

Audra Sonderman


Audra has a kind heart and a love of animals that your dogs and cats will feel and attention to detail you will notice. She’s a San Jose local with 3 fur-children of her own. With a dog and 2 cats at home… she’s had plenty of practice keeping them calm and clean. She will provide a spa like experience with soothing music and a gentle touch. Rest assured, your baby will be safe and happy in her capable hands!

Carlos Lozano


Hi, my name is Carlos! This profession is absolutely my calling, and I’m excited to further my career here to keep the dogs happy and healthy! I look forward to pampering all sorts of pups

Danielle Teixeira


In love with dogs and cats my whole life, I worked for over three years in Brazil with bathing, grooming, and daily care in a shelter with over 40 dogs. Always doing my best and loving it more and more. I’m prepared to spoil your dog like mine and make them beautiful.

Erwin Pivaral


Erwin met us through one of our groomers and expressed his desire to be part of our grooming team. He absolutely loves all animals and is a very happy go lucky kind of guy. He has recently joined our team of talented and caring groomers and is so excited to meet your pets soon!

Henry G


Since we were a child we have always had pets in the house, it makes a home a place of peace and harmony. The unconditional love of your four-legged furry will never end and the spot that dedicated my 100% to the fact that it always sees super well and they feel loved in every bath and cut. He is another member of the family who, although he can’t speak, expresses himself with all his heart.

Hernando Valenzuela


Hernando Valenzuela is a passionate dog groomer who has dedicated his life to the care and beautification of our beloved pets. With a natural ability to work with dogs and a deep understanding of their needs, Hernando has become one of the top dog groomers in the industry. Known for his meticulous approach and attention to detail,

Johana Diaz


Having been a pet bather for more than 2 years, I not only love working with dogs, but I enjoy getting to know the pet-parents! Pet owners are trusting me to care for their furry family members and I want to make them happy and their pet looks great! I also love grooming rescued dogs which helps them feel good and look their best to help them find their forever home. Being a pet groomer is not just a job – its my life!

Kevin Ndomba


Kevin has been a Professional Dog Bather for 2 years. He recently moved to Sunny California, and he plans to continue his education here. He cant deny his love for pets and working with them!

Marvin Giovani Pivaral


I have been a dog bather for while and recently have started grooming them as well. Dogs are my passion and I cannot think of doing something else.

Maryane Brito


Maryane always loved dogs. Maryane and her husband used to have their own dog daycare place in Brazil, where she could dedicate all her time for her canine babies. Shee can bathe any size and breed, but her heart has a special place for German Spitz and Chihuahuas.

Nilson Junior


Junior always loved dogs. He left his police officer job in order to have his own dog daycare place in Brazil, where he could dedicate all his time for his canine friends. He can bathe any size and breed, but his heart has a special place for Golden Retrievers, German Spitz, and Chihuahuas.

Nivea Velo


Nivea’s remarkable affinity for animals shines through her kindness, gentleness, and genuine care. Her attention to detail is impeccable, consistently delivering thorough and meticulous work. She’s dedicated to ensuring your pet’s tranquility and comfort, even going so far as to employ soothing music and investing ample time with anxious pets, all to create a remarkably stress-free grooming experience.

Rafael Esteves


Rafael moved to Us about 20 years ago with his wife and three children and their Pomeranian Coco e. their just recently born kitten named Oscar. Rafael and his wife are animals lover. They, at that point, almost got in trouble because of the animals they had on their property in Daly City. Rafael came to Outlet Mobile Grooming at begging of 2017, where he finished his 600 hours and three months internship at their shop.

Shiny Song


Shiny Song is extremely enthusiastic about animals, especially dogs and cats. She received a Certificate of Pet Hygiene and a Certificate of Pet Grooming in the US. She not only cleans and grooms pets gently but also loves to communicate with them with affection. She believes that every little angel should return to their moms and dad clean and refreshed.

Steffano Meneghel


I have got my degree from Universipet in Rio de Janeiro. Dogs are my passion (besides my one year old), and grooming is definitely what I love to do!

Yuliana Lazo Aguiar


I am a person who, from a very young age, always had a great admiration for pets. I admire that they are always willing to give us love, despite all the circumstances, they are always there happy and with the best attitude for us, this is the concept I have always had since I was little. I feel very happy and lucky to be able to do what I love.

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